Minister to Leprosy Effected

Welcome to Bethesda Leprosy Mission

" Bethesda Leprosy Mission " was started in December 2017. when we visited this Leprosy colony with a team from Canada, we saw great need and  financial struggles.This colony is located in Tuni area which is 18km from GCM's office.


Our hearts were broken when we heard their stories.GCM committed to give  some monthly financial support to these 45 Leprosy affected families, along with food and medicial financial assistance.


Abba gave a name to this project: "Bethestha Leprosy Misssion". This project is one of the wings of GCM. We were so glad to help them on behalf of GCM. There are some friends like YOURS behind this project. If you join with us you will be one of our family. 


Jesus touched and healed the Lepers. I hope you know that if you are a one of the follower of Messiah you can do the same., Lets join our hands together to Make a Difference in the lives of these lepers.


With a gift of $50 a month to each family they will survive !