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Kathy (Canada) Praveen ratna kumar ( Founder of GCM ) ( Dr.R.L Bhatia ) Siva ram Krishna ( Gitam University vice chancelor, Vizag ) Sabine ( Canada )                       Yahitha ( Co- Director & Secretary of GCM )

Recognition & Awards


On behalf of Grace Children Ministires , our founding director, Praveen ratna kumar received a prestigious Award for his dedicated work with the orphans, widows and needy people in the state of Andhra Pradesh for past 10 years.


A Few words from the Chariman of GCM: Praveen Ratna Kumar


I am very thankful to receive this NGO Leadership Award from Dr.R.L Bhatia-chief Editor and Founder WORLD CSR DAY. Thank you for recognizing me and my great efforts in the mission of GCM. 

A special and unforgettable moment for me to receive this award in front of our Canadian Friends who came to visit our ministry in December 2017. I am really thankful and honoured that they attended my award ceremony!


                                         ALL GLORY TO ADONAI